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We love visiting strip clubs and stripping them down of all the goodies and nasties to provide you the best and honest reviews. We dish out the good and bad of Australia’s strip clubs so you can have a mind-blowing experience each and every time.
Stripping Down Australia’s Best, Worst, and In-Between Strip Clubs
How do you de-stress after a long day at work? How do you socialise after spending hours in front of a computer?

For some people, taking a gulp of an ice-cold beer is ‘it’. But why not drink that beer or lemon drops with a buxom babe or a muscle-clad manly man dancing on top of your table or on stage?

Yes! We’re talking strip clubs, topless dancers, nude dancers, and dancers who perform private lap dances for a price. Depending on the club you’re in, they can make your drink tastier or tasteless.

This is why we check out strip clubs in Australia and strip them down to their knickers … or all off. We provide honest and unbiased reviews to give you a good idea where to put your time and money.

Latest Reviews

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9 Reasons Why Self-Pleasuring is Good for Your Health

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Some Strip Clubs Rock; Others Do Not
Of course, like with restaurants or hotels, there are some cool places that are totally worth your money, and there are others that you wish would get closed down by your state government. Before you start throwing around your hard-earned cash, you should find out which are the best spots to be at. This is so you won’t regret paying that entrance fee and drink charge. Plus, you’ll be certain that the performers will be sights to see and not faces that will haunt your nightmares.

We at The Strip Club Reviewer are here to give you a hand with that. We’ll be the advance party to check out both new and old establishments for you. Whether it’s that high-class venue a block down your office building or that seedy hole in the wall you’ve been hearing about from your neighbour, we’ll be there to see what’s up.

Feel free to browse through our reviews. We made them just for you, after all. We hope we can provide you with enough information so you can determine which establishment you should visit, especially if it will be your first time. Be sure to take our opinions with an open mind though. What might be a turn off for us might be a plus point for you or vice versa.

Well, it would be best to go see a place for yourself if you want to know more anyway. We just hope that what we share would help you narrow down your choices. Now, get out there and have fun, yeah?

Strip Club Deals

You can have fun in Australian strip clubs on almost any budget. $150? No problem. $50? You can still have fun. $25? You’re still not out of action.

Topless Clubs

There are a lot of topless clubs in Australia where the girls are on stage fully nude and casino shows that feature topless showgirls, bars and nightclubs.

Boat Parties

The moment you arrive you’re consumed with luxury and class; from elegant marble tiling to the magnificent silk roof sculpture leading into our crystal chandelier.