About Strip Club Reviewer

Giving You the Lowdown on Australia’s Strip Clubs

We love our job! Visiting strip clubs and stripping them down of all the goodies and nasties to provide you the best and honest reviews is not a chore. Not at all.

It’s a trip to be checking out these joints and taking a good and thorough look at the goods on offer, particularly those on the table gyrating or dangling on a pole. What else matters more in a strip club?

The atmosphere, drink list, menu, and dance prices are just part of the fun but not the FUN itself.

It’s the girls in their G-string and killer heels and men in their G-string and nothing else that are a top priority. Visual satiety, after all, can influence everything else, making you want to open your wallet and spend money.

We want to make sure you spend your money right and get good value for it. This is why we do what we do. We also want to spare you the horror of paying to get into a club only to be treated to horrible women or men and even more horrible drinks.

Remember, not all strip clubs are created equal. And what your drunken friends thought was a fantastic place, was actually bizarre when they went back sober.

But with our reviews, you …

  • Don’t need to waste time checking out one strip club to another to find the best one. But you can hop from one awesome place to another.
  • Avoid disappointment when you find out too late that the dancers and strippers are not of mixed ethnicity but just plain Janes and Joes, and vice versa. Hey, whatever tickles your fancy.
  • Splurge only when you’re treated like a royalty because the performers are simply more than willing to wait on you and live out your fantasies. Don’t forget to tip right too, if it’s allowed.
  • Get all pumped up knowing you’re going to get it. Whatever IT is. A lap dance? A topless lap dance? A nude lap dance? Yes, we’ll tell you all about them and some other things going on down south.
  • Will know what to expect, good or bad, and be ready for anything. Hey, we can’t stop you from wanting to validate our reviews and visit one of the dodgy strip clubs. If the information we provide will help you in any way, then we’ve done our job.
  • Walk in fully armed with the knowledge of how you’re expected to behave or misbehave in a specific club. There are places with big guys ready to throw you out anytime if you’re caught doing the naughty without paying the ‘mummy’.

We dish out the good and bad of Australia’s strip clubs so you can have a mind-blowing experience each and every time. Our biases may get in the way; yes, we love a good lap dance in a VIP room too; but we will always provide honest and unbiased reviews.

We are a team of reviewers, after all, and there is always one who will look at a particular strip club with an impartial view and with no signs of the urge taking over.