Even if you don’t follow the gossip columns, you still must have heard that many global celebrities like to party in strip clubs. Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and more just love to make it rain on dancers. There is only one reason behind this phenomenon—simply because it’s fun!

If you also want to experience a strip show featuring the male variety, you should drop a visit to MenXclusive Australia. You might not be rich and famous but you can expect stellar service from the topless waiters and strippers there. Go ahead and feel like royalty by attending one of their shows or booking their waiter services.

Is It Crazy Expensive?

Even if you don’t have money to burn like RiRi, you can gawk at scantily-clad hotties at reasonable prices. A general entry ticket will only set you back for about AUD35 and that already includes free access to the after party. This is not a bad deal if you’re popping by on a weeknight.

Partying with friends and want the works? Try the Drink Up package which offers VIP entry for a minimum of 8 guests. It is inclusive of reserved group seating, a private topless waiter from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, and 2 hours of house drinks or the equivalent. Plus, you can upgrade with extras like finger food or photo sessions.

Is It Limited to a Single Venue?

To see their male cabaret stage shows, you do need to go where they are. The good news is that they perform in two different venues, namely Red Love in the Melbourne CBD and Lux on Chapel Street. No matter which venue you choose to visit, you’re sure to receive the same level of service from their hunks.

For those who are hosting their event in another location, you can book a home visit package for exclusive access to your own topless waiter or a male stripper. Expect guys who are the best at what they do. Not only are they steamy and dreamy but also professional and talented. Regardless what kind of party you’re planning, be it a work function or a sporting event, they’re sure to please you with their charms.

Is It Worth the Hype?

Judging from the looks of their men, you could say that. Beauty might be subjective to the beholder but you’re sure to find a guy that suits your tastes from their wonderful array here. MenXclusive hand-picks their performers and gets them professionally trained by an award-winning male entertainer. It’s rare to find performers of this calibre anywhere else so don’t miss out.

If there is a particular performer whom you want to hire for your party, you can do so. Just have a chat with the management to know more. You can choose to have the guy serve as a topless waiter or a private stripper. You can even get him to do both by arranging for a strip show right after his waiter shift.

Whichever tickles your fancy, get your custom package booked with MenXclusive. You can be sure that it’s worth it.