Such a waste of good food, Pepper thought as her friend, Cindy, threw a half-eaten chicken sandwich into the waste bin.

“What? What are you looking at?” Cindy asked, a smile forming on her face. She licked the remnants of the sandwich from her fingers, then playfully wiped them on Pepper’s sleeve.

“Oh, you think I don’t like that?” Pepper grabbed Cindy’s hand and used her tongue to finish off the remaining, dripping mayonnaise.



It was late afternoon in Melbourne, and the two girls were enjoying a much-deserved staycation in their shared two-bedroom flat. Both twenty-one, Pepper and Cindy have been close friends since high school. Now, they worked as strippers in a posh adult club in Brisbane.

They loved their job, being able to dance, meet a lot of people, and be a part of fulfilling their clients’ wildest fantasies. Their attractiveness was also a boon; they have been getting client after client due to their gorgeous looks.

Blonde Pepper, standing at 5’8”, could be easily mistaken for a runway model. Her pouty lips and almond-shaped, sparkling blue eyes made many men lust for her. On the other hand, brunette Cindy owned the fullest lips and the most mysterious set of hooded brown eyes, which, paired with just the right kind of facial expression, could turn any man into mush.  

The doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Pepper volunteered as Cindy plopped down on the bed.

It was Mr. Goh, one of Pepper’s wealthiest clients.

Soft-spoken, charming, and well-mannered, Mr. Goh was an easy favourite; he would spoil the girls as often as he could, acting more like a caring sugar daddy than the average, horny fifty-year-old.

He also kept his body in shape, all lean with washboard abs, in spite of his age. His rugged looks were to die for; in fact, many of Pepper’s co-workers are jealous that he preferred Pepper over the other girls. He and his wife, Aqyra, shared a mutual interest in swinging, exploring the pleasures of the flesh, with whomever they desire, as much as their spare time would allow them.

However, coming to one’s house by himself wasn’t one of his traits, and Pepper was dying to know why the man showed up at her doorstep unescorted.

Typically, Mr. G, as he is known in Pepper’s circle, would send a messenger if a phone call or text message isn’t enough to relay what he would have to say.

“What brings you here, Mr. G?” Pepper inquired as sweetly as she could.

When Mr. Goh called for Pepper, it usually meant entertaining guests with her stripping skills in the Singaporean family’s lavish, adult-themed parties. He handed Pepper a small card.

“Hmmm, a dinner buffet,” Pepper muttered as she scanned the contents of the card. She nodded, smiling.

“Consider it a casual… personal invitation,” Mr. G said with a wink. “You have been working too hard, you need something good for the soul.”

“So…this isn’t work?” Pepper asked, astounded. If so, it was a first.

“Yes, my dear. Bring a friend if you like…” Mr. G’s voice faltered at the end, his eyes focused on the open window upstairs, where Cindy was waving at them.

“We’ll be there,” Pepper replied, excited at another opportunity to relax and have some fun. “See you on Friday, Mr. G!”


Friday came, and the Goh mansion was packed. Pepper and Cindy, dressed in tight, bandage dresses that gave justice to their curves, arrived just in time for first drinks to be served. The buffet table was full, with an assortment of gourmet dishes and fresh fruits.

“Hey, check it out,” Cindy said, observing the greasy food placed near the oysters. “Don’t you think it’s weird that they are serving fast food together with gourmet stuff?”

“And everybody’s eating with their hands,” Pepper added, noticing the lack of cutlery in spite of a variety of food present in the room: filet mignon, pesto shrimp, brioche, salad, pasta, and more. While most of the guests were sipping their champagne, some were already digging into the food.


Before Cindy can reply, Mr. G appeared and ushered the ladies in. With him was a tall, handsome man of Asian descent. “Meet Lucky, my son,” Mr. G told Pepper and Cindy. “He will show you around.”

“Good evening, ladies,” Lucky greeted them with a flourish. Pepper and Cindy giggled, pleased at the warm, chivalrous welcome. At that, Mr. G excused himself.

Lucky took Pepper’s and Cindy’s arms and led them to be seated. “The show is starting,” he whispered. “Enjoy.”

Suddenly, the lights went out, leaving only a spotlight on the center of the room. A long table, carrying a naked woman, was wheeled into the front for everyone to see. When Pepper’s eyes adjusted to the dimness, she realised it was Aqyra, Mr. G’s wife. Men carrying large buckets approached Aqyra, and dumped the gooey contents onto her body. At that moment, figures from the dark walked towards the prone woman and started to consume the brown stuff from Aqyra’s svelte body.

Her breasts, now covered in the wet, sticky substance, was being rubbed and licked by a guest. Another participant knelt down, sucked a lime he was carrying, spread Aqyra’s legs, and began to eat her pussy along with the melted chocolate that was dripping from it. From Pepper’s standpoint, she can hear Mrs. Goh moaning with pleasure.

“Food play, huh?” Cindy whispered to Pepper.

“More than that,” Lucky replied. “It’s not just feeling the food on your body and having someone lick it off you. It’s also about being aroused at the act of eating itself, whether you are doing it yourself or watching another person. And, food can also help make the experience even better. See that lime that person ate before he went down my mom? That makes her pussy even more sensitive to the sensation—”

Pepper stopped him with a long, lingering kiss. Aroused by the sight of Mrs. Goh being eaten up, she had no plans to simply listen to Lucky’s explanation. After the hot, torrid kiss, Cindy followed suit, straddling Lucky and locking her lips with his, her tongue playing inside his mouth. Pepper took it as a cue, grabbed some Italian sausage tortellini from the buffet table with her hands, and smeared it on both Lucky and Cindy.

“You’ve ruined my clothes!” Cindy exclaimed, giggling and spilling her wine on Pepper’s dress.

“Better take it off, then,” Lucky mumbled in between kisses.

Pepper teasingly stripped. Cindy, still on Lucky’s lap, had him tear off her dress as she took off Lucky’s top and unzipped his pants.

“Not here, girls. I have a special room for you,” Lucky said with a wink. The women obliged, happy to have this gorgeous hunk all to themselves. The lights were turned on, and the threesome stood and walked to a spacious, yet occupied, room.

On the far corner of the room, a group of young, hunky men was standing in a circle, masturbating. Some of them were laughing; others were smiling knowingly. Upon closer inspection, Pepper noticed a pile of jizz-covered chocolate chip cookies sitting on the table in the center of the man-circle.

“Soggy biscuit,” Lucky whispered into her ear.

“What?” It wasn’t a real question. Pepper asked on reflex, distracted by the gorgeous sight of guys stroking their dicks and the spraying of jizz all around. She savoured these arousing moments; while she does get attracted to women as well, she still favours cocks over everything else.

“The name of the game,” Lucky explained. “Last to ejaculate on the cookies gets the honor to eat them.”

As if on cue, one of the men reached a powerful climax, unloading his cum all over the cookies. Then, with encouragement from his peers, he knelt down and started eating the cookies with relish, carefully licking the juices, slowly chewing them one by one.

At that, Lucky motioned towards the men. “Boys, I’d like to introduce you to Pepper and Cindy. Best strippers in the city, but today they’re not working,” Lucky announced.

“We’ll work it for them, then,” one of the lads said, grinning.

Three guys took Cindy; the rest fell upon Pepper. They smothered her with whipped cream, rubbed her with wildflower honey, and smeared her with bits of mangoes. She moaned with pleasure. Taking her panties off, one man spread gold flakes on her pussy, rotating his fingers on her clit.

She was so wet now, and she needed her fill. She motioned one of the guys to put his dick in her mouth. She began stroking it with her tongue earnestly, spreading her tongue as wide as she could, licking from the man’s balls to the shaft to the tip of his glistening, cum-flavoured cock. He spits out the cherries he was chewing into her mouth, and she chewed them too, slowly, showing him that she could take it and she’s wanting more.

The third guy was using her tongue on her nipples, sucking them, making them hard, making her feel more aroused. Lucky, watching on the sides, smiled as he rubbed his cock, masturbating at the sight of Pepper getting fondled, felt, and licked by three other men.

The man eating Pepper’s pussy paused to pick up a cucumber and slapped it on Pepper’s clit. She whimpered, not out of pain, but because of the sweet, tingling sensation. “I want your cock,” she pleaded.

“Beg for it,” the man commanded.

“Please. Please, fuck me,” she said.

The men gestured for her to change positions so she can accommodate them all. Number One slid his cock into her pussy; Number Two on her butthole; Number Three on her mouth. Never in her life had Pepper felt so thirsty yet so full. Her eyes met Lucky’s, him fondling his dick, her getting deliciously fucked by three gorgeous guys.

“Squirt for me,” Lucky mouthed.

She did. Number One pulled out his penis as Pepper sprayed a stream of her juices onto him, their bodies, and on the messy floor. The three men switched positions, until Number Three got to finally thrust his cock inside her. She never felt so ecstatic, so aroused. It was the best night of her life.

When the three men were done and went to explore other pleasures after Pepper drank and swallowed all of their cum, it was Lucky’s turn.

“One on one,” Lucky whispered.

“One on one,” Pepper echoed, her body now covered in sweat, honey, fruits, and cream.

He took her with full force. His thrusts were heavy but well-timed; she felt like she was being rocked. As he pumped into her, Pepper erupted into several, intense orgasms, her juices covering them both.

Lucky let out a moan, and he was done. He came into her mouth. She kept his cum on her tongue for a few more seconds, letting the taste fill her, showing him she’s savouring it before she finally took a huge gulp.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“My pleasure.” Lucky stood, and went to find Cindy to give her a taste of him too.

Alone in the sprawling room now, Pepper caught herself in the full-length mirror standing on the corner. She was a mess. Her hair was tangled, her body was wrapped in various foodstuffs and body fluids, the side of her mouth still sporting some leftover jizz. She smiled. Such a waste of good food, she thought. But all worth it.



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