Ever wondered what bucks night will be like in a gentleman’s club?

With strippers within reach, they are likely to be part of the party package.

Likely, yes. But not necessary.

As someone who will be attending a bucks party or the one celebrating his last hurrah, you can choose how to celebrate this particular event. Depending on the venue or the arrangement made, a bucks night in a strip club can be free of strippers.

But, really, who are you kidding?

It would be such a shame to overlook those enticing features in a club. What better way to ease the overflowing testosterone than to hire a stripper as well?

Again, it all comes down to what you want for a bucks party.

What to Expect at a Bucks Night

Delectable Food

Scantily-clad women are not the only thing delectable in strip clubs. Venues offer a delectable spread, and high-end establishments even offer gourmet treats.

Depending on where you book a party, you could be dining on a huge rump steak and drinking the finest vintage. After all, it’s not a party without food to feast on.

You can mix up the buffet with burger and beer and several different flavours of pizza.

Desserts, on the other hand, are either served on a plate or on the stage.

Excellent Venue

Book bucks parties at upscale strip clubs and you will be lounging with your mate in fancy venues, complete with plush seating and impressive audio and lighting.

Go for a private booth and you will have your own stage with a dancing pole. Enjoy front row seats for a striptease or a showgirl entertainment.

Sexy Waitresses

Even the most basic bucks party package comes with a sexy waitress. So even if you decide against hiring a stripper, you will still have an eye candy in your midst.

But the real bonus is the excellent service to go with the fine curves and attractive looks.

Be ready to place lots of orders. Because no matter how you try to resist you will feel the pull.

Sexy Strippers

Strippers have always been a part of the age-old tradition of celebrating a groom’s bucks night. Feminists around the world might think hiring one is a bad idea and some brides may think it constitutes as cheating, but it could be just pure adult fun.

It’s not like you can touch a stripper anyway or take them home. At least that’s not always the case in strip clubs in Australia that honour the rules that govern the adult industry.

It is basically just for fun and entertainment.

Sexy Entertainment

Striptease, pole dance, and lap dance are just a few of the entertainment options that a gentleman’s club offers. If the club is also a sports bar, then you also have access to other sources of fun, such as a pool table or a big-screen TV playing UFC fight live.

How you choose to have fun is entirely up to you. Do you want it sexy or sporty?

Lots of Extras

If you celebrate your bucks night at Petersham Inn, for example, your bucks party package can come with optional extras, such as a poker game with a topless or lingerie-clad dealer, nude striptease, cabaret shows, or a topless waitress instead of just a sexily-dressed one.

So make sure to ask for extras and add-ons wherever venue you choose to celebrate your last night as a single man.

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