Have you and your spouse or partner been feeling like your sack sessions are becoming more like a routine rather than something that makes your blood rush and your body tingle? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Studies show that people in long-term relationships can go through a phase where the romance and excitement in the bedroom fizzles.

Should you accept that this is just how things are? Absolutely not! If the two of you are willing to put in the extra effort, your romp sessions can go from “ho-hum” to “oh, yeah!”

Discuss with your spouse or partner what you both will be comfortable to experiment with. Here are some naughty ideas to get you started:

Watch Adult Movies Together

Now, remember, the keyword here is together. Research shows that couples who watch adult films together are able to be more open-minded and express more clearly what they want in bed. Plus, it can be pretty exciting to get aroused together, don’t you think?

This is also a great way to pick up some inspiration for your adventures in the bedroom. Maybe you will both like a particular movie that you can use for a sexy role play act. The Stardust Video Store has an amazing collection of adult DVDs so make sure to check it out. It also has magazines, lingerie, toys—everything you need for a wild night.

Play with Toys

Want to give your lover the ultimate pleasure? Using marital aides or adult toys is something you definitely want to try. If it’s your first time to use them, shop for one product for yourself, for your partner, and for the both of you. Then give these three a test run and see which ones work and which ones don’t. Repeat the process until you find the toys that give you the ultimate satisfaction.

Using ‘props’ allows you both to find new pleasure zones and reach higher levels of ecstasy. It can be likened to the two of you being in the getting-to-know-you phase again, but are discovering each other’s bodies instead of your personalities.

Have a Naughty Date Night

Dinner and a movie are sweet. But after months or years of doing that each week, it can get boring for some. Why not plan a naughty date night?

Remember how exciting it was to sneak a make-out sesh in inconspicuous places? Find a secret spot in the park and get some quick but sweet action before eating out or going for drinks. Then, instead of a restaurant or bar, visit the best strip club in town. Going to an adult club as a couple allows you, your lover, or the two of you to live out a fantasy. This place for fun and pleasure is where you can let loose, throw away inhibitions, and enjoy arousing your senses.

A bonus perk is picking up some nasty moves from the strippers, and then using them as you and your lover get busy in the bedroom when you get home.

Make a Kama Sutra Bucket List

You don’t have to complete all the positions in the book. Check out which ones look interesting (not to mention safe) for you two to try and list them down. Or, write each position on a slip of paper and throw them into a small bowl. During your next romp session, take turns picking a paper. The excitement of knowing you are going to do something new each time you get to bed can already act as foreplay.

Final Word: Work as a Team

Studies show that couples who were willing to sweat it out more inside and outside the bedroom tend to be happier and have more fulfilling sex lives. But both parties have to be willing to put in the extra effort and practice.

Aside from taking your action in the bedroom to a new level, this is also a great way to open communication channels, strengthen trust, increase intimacy, and enjoy each other’s company even more.

Make sure you both talk openly and express if there is anything you won’t be comfortable with. It’s best to set limitations beforehand so you can narrow down what not to experiment with.