Working in a lap dancing club has its perks and money is just one of them.

Yes, you heard that right. There’s more to this job than an income that can go as high as £1,000 a night.

Women looking in may say otherwise, but the strippers have spoken and the stories they tell are nothing short of interesting and amazing.

Stripping is a decent job.

And with the right mind-set, you will be able to see past the cheap and sordid labels associated with it and appreciate its many perks.

Reasons You Will Be Willing to Strip It Down in a Club


Like any other job, the main reason anyone chooses to become a dancer is the income. Depending on where you end up working, you could be looking at a handsome amount of money each night.

Expect to earn anywhere between £300 and £1,000 for every shift. And that’s just the take home cash. If you count the tips, then you could be making more.

Of course, you need to work to earn money. The harder you do, the higher the income you gain.

Put in time and effort to work on yourself. Dress to be desirable and irresistible.

Be ready to cater to customer needs as well, from something as simple as sharing random stories to something mysterious as fulfilling a random request.

New Friends

Most dancers share a common interest so it’s easier to make new friends. If you’ve always wanted a sister you can borrow makeup from, befriending a stripper could be the first step.

For clubs with a fast turnover, making new friends can happen on a weekly basis.

Strip clubs are also one of a few places where you get paid for socialising with clients from all walks of life, so there’s always a chance to meet new people and profit from it. Regular customers can become your friends too.


Want to get compliments by the buckets?

You can easily get that from strip clubs, especially if you work hard on maintaining a good appearance. Being praised while dancing on stage is part of the job too.

Complements and praises are sure to help build your self-confidence if you are struggling with it. If those come with bills placed in your fancy underwear, your self-esteem will shoot to the roof.

The need to interact with customers will also teach you the art of communicating – listening and talking effectively. Strippers hear the same chat-up lines almost every night and they can end up with a customer who simply wants to unload their problems on a stranger.

That will definitely hone your communication skills.

Dressing Up

Are you fond of wearing sexy clothes, really short and revealing ones?

Working as a stripper will give you such an opportunity while cashing in on it too. Sexy outfits and high heels are your work clothes.

What is even better is that dressing up can go from seductive to crazy. Borrow Santa Baby’s outfit in the middle of summer and add extra £££ to your bottom line. Unless there are rules on seasonal dress up, every night can be Christmas or Halloween.


When stripping, your body is an investment, your cash cow. So you should take good care of it and keep it in shape.

This is one of the few jobs that will force or encourage you to exercise and stay fit. Eat healthy and right.

Working on that pole is also a form of exercise. Since the best strippers don’t just slide up and down like a wilting vine, you need to work out to give an amazing performance. You want to be able to do some flips and other seriously impressive moves if you want to make more money.

No one likes to watch a dry heaving and heavily panting stripper, which makes fitness a major requirement for the job.


No, strippers are not groped or harassed for every night they go to work. They get propositioned more than they are being fondled.

Even if they are half naked, they are perfectly safe within the walls of a strip club.

Security and club managers are always around to ensure the safety of the girls and the club’s patrons and clients. There are also rules in place that add another layer of protection.

Suffice to say that half-naked women are much safer in the strip club surrounded by men and women of various personalities than they are outside with a malicious person lurking in the dark.

When asked about any frightening experiences, one stripper replied, “It was never ever scary as some people may think. The club managers and security were always on the ball, and our safety was put first always”.