Located in Western Sydney, the Sefton Playhouse is known for providing top-notch entertainment that ranges from a casual gathering to a full-on striptease. They market themselves as offering something for everyone and has everything you could be looking for from a strip club.

Sefton Playhouse was Sydney’s very first table top dancing venue when it opened in 1984. Given the fact that it survived until today, then it must be one strip club you should check out.

It has a function room that can accommodate 200 guests and a private booth that caters to a smaller gathering. So if you want to celebrate your birthday in a strip club, the Sefton Playhouse has the right venue for you. You can even get a gift certificate if you so desire to give the gift of strip teasing.

Like most strip clubs around Australia, this place has its neon lights but used in a more tasteful manner. At least you won’t think it’s a cheap club you landed yourself in.

The club has pool tables, full menu, full bar, and a buffet. They also have non-smoking areas, which is kind of an anomaly, what with most clubs being smoke-filled and all.

And the girls …
There are over 45 girls of mixed ethnicity, which will definitely make someone looking for variety very happy. And you’ll be even happier knowing they do striptease, topless, and nude dancing. For some private action, they also perform private lap dances in a VIP room.

Strippers at the Sefton Playhouse have been known to put on a great show, so they’re definitely worth checking out. Many of its old clients also swear by how friendly they are, so that should be a bonus. Booty shaking done in a courteous manner is just awesome.

Add to this the friendly staff, from the security to the bartender, you will have a good time at this playhouse. This is especially true if you choose to play in the very sense of the word.

It may not be the classiest of bars for some people but it is definitely one of the most successful.

The club’s opening hours vary for different days of the week. It is open from 9 AM to 3 AM the next day on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, then from 9:30 AM to 5 AM the next day from Thursday to Saturday. On Sunday, it’s open from 10 AM until midnight. Check out their website for schedule confirmation. It might change without notice.

The Sefton Playhouse has its own parking area so that’s one problem out of the way.