Located in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, Showgirls markets itself as Brisbane’s Premiere Venue where you can enjoy something naughty and kinky in a more sophisticated atmosphere. “No one provides entertainment like we do”.

Well, the location definitely hits the spot where accessibility is a consideration. With a shopping centre and casino nearby, it is definitely worth a detour.

The club is open 7 days a week from 5 in the evening until 5 in the morning the next day, giving you ample time to fully enjoy what are on offer. And what amazing offers they are.

They provide themed shows, such as shower shows, soapy spa shows, and wild stage shows. They also host buck nights and other special events, made even more special with a fancy drink list and a full bar. A bottle service is also available if you prefer.

When it comes to the atmosphere, it is elegant and relaxing, although it can get crowded, what with it being close to a casino and a touristy part of town.

What about the dancers?
They are of mixed ethnicity with some more alluring than others. Then again, beauty is subjective and what might be gorgeous to you might not be all that good-looking for others.

What is certain is that you have mixed options, allowing you to sample someone exotic at one time and a redhead the next. Combined with a good amount of drinks, the possibilities will become endless.

These girls offer topless, nude, nude lap dancing, and prepay private dances. If you fancy private performances, the last option is the best way to go. You can choose to enjoy these services with the rest of the crowd around you or in your own VIP booth.

The latter will allow you to get creative with the dancer you choose.
But don’t expect complete privacy, as there are no doors to keep prying eyes away, only an elevated view of the stage action. But here’s the bonus, you only need to buy top shelf champagne or a bottle of spirits and the booth is yours.

In case you want to take a break from all that sweaty and fever-inducing activities, there are pool tables that you can use to pass away the time and keep your dog under control.

The club rules?
The usual age limit requirement of 18+ and blah blah and a minimum standard dress code. Dress right and you would not be turned away. You are expected to observe proper behavior too, starting with following the rules and being a good boy or girl.

You might want to take it easy on the drinks since you will be refused service if you are already hammered. Stay sober for as long as possible and enjoy the girls, until the night grows old, that is. Then you can choose to speed up the shots.

The club only allows re-entries before 3 in the morning and not after. So keep up with the schedule.

What makes Showgirls a good choice is that booking for functions and VIP booths can be done online. You can always speak to the staff upon arrival, and walk-ins are always welcome, but what are the odds that the club might be fully booked?

To avoid disappointment, it is best to book ahead online.

Found in a good location with an elegant atmosphere and gorgeous girls, Showgirls is one strip club you should check out.