It’s that time of the year again and Elise could hardly keep a lid on her excitement. Nothing could dampen her spirit, not even the world ending.

Of course, she wouldn’t want that to happen knowing she’s a few minutes away from rendezvousing with her long-time, part-time lover.

It has been two years since she started a secret affair with Derrick, an Australian businessman based in Singapore. They first met in one of the popular strip clubs in Oz where she worked as a stripper.

Since taking a stripper out during or after her shift is strictly prohibited, they decided to keep their romantic trysts in locations where no one would recognize either of them.

When Derrick moved his business to Singapore, they saw the perfect opportunity to carry on with their sexual affair without the worries.

Elise flies to Singapore twice a year – during the Chinese New Year where the holidays run for a week or so, and between July and October in time for The Great Singapore Sale.

Yes, the perks of being someone’s kept woman.

She was surprised to learn, however, that their next meet would be in Taiwan.

Derrick is on a so-called bleisure (business and leisure) trip in the country for a couple of weeks and he asked Elise to keep him company.

Who is she to say no to that?

Apart from the fact that she’s never been to Taiwan, she has also been missing him for months. He probably would not like knowing that, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

With only a day to get settled and to check out the country, the only thing that got stuck in Elise’s mind is the betel nut beauties she saw just about anywhere in Taiwan.

The young women selling betel nuts and cigarettes within an aquarium-like glass enclosure wore revealing clothing that ranges from slightly sex to near-nakedness.

Is their job better than stripping? Elise could not say.

One thing she knows is that gorgeous and sexy are probably two vital requirements to become a betel nut beauty.

She ran up the steps that led to the lobby of a swanky hotel on the eastern side of Taipei. Derrick informed her that he will meet her in the lobby and, if he’s not around when she arrives, she can ask for his hotel key at the reception desk.

“Just tell them you’re the Mrs. Smith to my Mr. Smith.”

She giggled at that bit of information when he told her the last time they talked.

That was a couple of days ago, just a few hours before she flew to Taiwan from Australia.

She walked to the front desk, the staccato sound of her heels echoing in the cavernous reception area.

“Welcome to Taiwan. May I help you?”

Came the rehearsed speech from the charming Taiwanese receptionist.

“My husband told me to pick up his room key. Mr. Smith?”

Stripping be damned, and Derrick can go to hell, but she loved the sound of “my husband” on her lips.

Elise nearly yelled out loud in surprise when someone hugged her tight from behind. Arms imprisoning her on either side and pulling her back against a hard body.

“We won’t be needing our room key anytime soon. Thank you.”

She’d know that voice anywhere, especially because it never fails to send shivers down her spine and everywhere else with nerve endings. And if the awestruck look on the receptionist’s face was any indication, Derrick had found her.

Elise excitedly turned to face him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and showed him exactly how much she missed him with her mouth.

Can anyone else hear that lip-smacking and slurping sounds they’re making? Music to her ears.

Derrick pulled back too quickly for her liking, but he didn’t let go.

One of his arms snaked around her waist with his hand splayed on one breast, while the other kept her front plastered against his front.

She can just imagine the looks people must be giving them. Are the locals conservative or particular about PDA?

“Dinner first, and then I’ll take you somewhere fun.” He told her before he kissed her one last time and dragged her to the hotel restaurant.

All throughout dinner, Derrick remained cryptic about where they were going afterward. Only saying that it will be a new experience for her.

Working as a stripper for a long time, she can say that she has seen it all.

They rode a fancy BMW to a different side of town where most of the clubs are located.

If he’s taking her to a dance club, she’ll probably throw a fit.

If it’s a strip club, she would still throw a fit. She just knows that strippers would want to shake their ass in the face of the god-like creature seated next to her.

What woman in her right mind would ignore all 6 feet of hard muscles, man bun, and tantalizing silver-blue eyes?

Her thoughts were confirmed when they stepped inside a club with people dancing to the beat in every square inch. The crush of bodies was almost suffocating and she wanted to tell Derrick that they go somewhere else.

But he kept dragging her down the back portion of the club, going to a narrow hallway, and towards a spacious circular hall with lots of doors on all sides.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, eyes focused on her with such clarity.

“Yes”, she replied with a shaky breath.

Elise was sure the question was loaded. But she would not have known how or what if she said no. So yes, it is.

With her hands wrapped tight around his big one, Derrick pulled her again and right through a door at the far corner.

Did she say she’d seen it all? Elise takes it back many times over.

Because right in front of her is a sea of naked bodies leaving only room to move in and around the bar. To say that these bodies are just there on display is a major understatement.

She just walked right smack into the middle of an orgy, an all-out fuck fest where gender orientation doesn’t matter and anyone open to anything gets to enjoy their very desires.

She was frozen on the spot with only her eyes moving wildly from one side of the room to another.

Bodies. Naked bodies everywhere.

When she heard a distant moan followed by a hard grunt, she became unglued on the spot and nearly scrammed out the door if not for Derrick holding her tight.

Elise gulped nervously and loudly while Derrick chuckled right next to her ear.

“I’m feeling friskier than usual tonight and I want you to experience this,” he whispered in her ear and followed it up with a wet kiss on her cheeks.

She realized he was only referring to her experiencing the orgy, which means he’s done it before. She stared at him questioningly and he simply inclined his head.

Was that a yes or a no?

Derrick moved them both to an empty barstool and then he leaned on it, taking her with him. Her ass cradled his hard-on.  

“Watch closely Elise or you’ll miss the fun,” he told her. “Can you see the movements they make, hear the sounds their slapping naked bodies create?”

“This is a celebration of sexual freedom,” he continued, “where no one cares where one body starts and one ends. Here, you can be with a man, a woman, both, three, or four.”

She watched in both horror and fascination, trying to wrap her head around what’s going on.

Just then she felt Derrick’s hands move. One going up and under her top to clasp one breast, while the other disappeared under her short skirt. Wearing a bodycon dress with cutouts in strategic locations, there was no need to wear anything underneath, giving Derrick easy and full access to her lady bits.

She bit her lip to keep her moan from escaping when she felt his finger caress her clit and then dip inside her, while he rubbed his other palm from one breast to another.

It was like being tortured in the most wicked and pleasurable way.

“Imagine her eating you while I pushed a finger or two inside of you. Think of him sucking your nipples as you suck my cock?”

Elise can’t even tell who’s her and who’s he, only that the more Derrick whispers naughty things and teases her at the same time, the more the scenery changes right in front of her.

From being a novice to an orgy, she suddenly became part of the sex party, set among 3 or 5 women on a slab of wood like a sacrificial lamb.

Flat on her back, Elise’s legs were spread wide before her, knees cocked to allow a woman looking just like a betel nut beauty to settle in between and feast on her. The curly-haired Asian was simultaneously being plowed from behind, doggy style.

It took Elise a few minutes to realize that Derrick was standing over her and it was his balls that she was sucking. She held onto his thighs as the rush of her being filled and teased at the same time felt overwhelming.

A woman was standing behind Derrick, stroking the entire length of his rigid hard-on as they kiss hard and long.

She wanted to get pissed that he was kissing someone else when he should be kissing her. But she does have him by the balls, literally.

Then, from out of nowhere, she saw two guys from her peripheral vision, crawling towards her. One started paying love and attention to her fully exposed breasts, kissing and rubbing. The other one grabbed her free hand and told her, without words, to give him a hand job.

Elise noticed Derrick watching her closely, trying to guess what she would do next.

Well, it’s not a party if she’s not having fun, she thought. So she proceeded to close her fist around his hard cock and stroked it up and down.

Sensations everywhere. Desires just popping out of nowhere. Moans mixing with grunts. People begging to be used harder and faster.

Combined with the spine-arching movement of the betel nut beauty’s tongue in and out of her pussy, Elise started to feel climax clawing out of her.

She felt her hips move up and down, coaxing the woman to flick her tongue faster. She felt her hand stroking the cock in her hand faster, and her mouth sucking Derrick’s balls harder.

It was like an orchestra reaching its crescendo, with all the instruments played right and tight before everything crashes into a climactic finale.

She wasn’t sure who came first, but Elise was writhing in her orgasm as she felt Derrick’s balls tighten just minutes before he shoots his cum, followed by the other guy. She was literally covered in cum.

She saw the same thing happening everywhere. Women quivering, shivering, and shaking with orgasm as men made one last effort to grind themselves deeper into the hilt to find release.

In one corner, she saw a woman bucking wildly as one guy cums in her mouth, while the other cums in her pussy. Or was it in a different hole?

Seems like she’d seen it all after that scene that came out of a porn flick.

She stayed on her back long after the rest of the party has moved. Derrick was looking down at her with a thoughtful expression.

“Ready for our own private party?” He asked with a smile.

Before she could even form a coherent reply, he slipped his cock into her open mouth before he bent his head between her legs and started licking her pussy clean of her own cum.

Well, she guessed they’re starting their own party for two at 69.

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