Ever been to a strip club?

The answer to this is rarely a yes for a lot of women. But you could be missing out on the fun if you tick it off your list of places of interest.

Strip clubs offer a different kind of entertainment for the female population and plenty of opportunities to enjoy your fantasies in a make-believe world made just for your pleasure. Where else can you ask to touch a hot fireman’s abs? That male stripper might be just dressed as one but that could be one fantasy off your list.

What is even better is that women can go to either male strip clubs or a gentlemen’s club and still take home some really interesting stories to tell or learn a thing or two.

What happens when you go into a strip club?

Women in a Gentlemen’s Club

  • You pick up beauty tips, especially if you visit high-end clubs, such as Club Champagne. Don’t you want to know how those exotic women make their hair stay in place even after they bounce and twirl around the pole?
  • You can rethink your style. Hey, if strippers can rock those flirty short skirts without flashing other people, maybe you can too. And walking in those really high heels? Just ah-mazing.
  • You get attention not only from men but women as well. And because strip clubs leave plenty of room for sexual freedom, you get to choose which attention to bask in.
  • You learn some dance moves. Need to learn a thing or two about lap dancing and stripteasing for your next bedroom encounter? You know where to go.
  • You feel empowered or get empowering vibes. Watching women so comfortable with their sexuality and working the floor knowing they can have men eating out of their palms will have that effect.
  • You make new friends. How often do you get to talk to women in the adult industry? Considering their kind of job, you will surely hear some really interesting stories.
  • You’re inspired to plan a workout routine. Working as a stripper is a full workout which is why they look so sexy and well-toned. Can you imagine the kind of body strength they need to exert to work the pole? That needs plenty of exercises.
  • You let the rowdy and raunchy side of you out. With the contagious atmosphere in a club, it won’t be long before you start having fun and joining the rowdy crowd.

Keep an open mind and you leave strip clubs with thoughts different from when you came in.

Women in Male Strip Clubs

  • You indulge in fantasies you’re unable to enjoy in the bedroom. Sexy fireman? Abs? Yes, you get the picture.
  • You enjoy hilarious and satisfying entertainment. Whether you’re the one getting the striptease or not, laughing and screaming about what’s going all around will redefine your idea of fun.
  • You get attention from your dream guy. Do you like them buff, tall, lean, blond, brunette, local or foreign? With male strippers in different shapes, sizes, and ethnicity, there is a good chance that you could be the one and only focus of a Chris Hemsworth look-alike, complete with the accent. Bring out your hammer, Thor.
  • You get to dress as sexy as you want and be fully appreciated. Catcalling happens more often on the street than in strip clubs. And a sexy woman added to a roster of semi-naked strippers will be more than welcome.
  • You get a precursor for a hot romp when you get home. The sexy atmosphere in the club and all that teasing and seduction could rub off on you and your partner. If your guy or gal doesn’t mind going to a strip club, you should use that to your advantage.

With these in mind, find out which strip clubs in Australia will make your visit a memorable affair. Check out strip club and topless clubs reviews.